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Zodi Extreme SC Hot Shower with collapsible stove. #8170 Zodi EXTREME SC (w/ Stove/Soft Case)

Zodi Extreme SC #8170 Featuring stainless steel construction for extra durability and hand pump operations for self-contained use, the Zodi Extreme has been the #1 hot shower of choice for back country use for years. The 10,000 BTU steel stove completes the #8170 as a truly self-contained hot shower. Includes water temperature indicator, shower head, on/off control for extra convenience and shower pole holder.

Price: $169.95
 Zodi Hot Tap Hot Shower with Hard Case. #6185 Zodi HOT TAP (Hard Case, Piezo Ignition)
Enjoy the convenience of instant hot showers with matchless push button ignition. Portable and self contained, the Hot Tap is one of our most popular instant hot showers. Equipped with a stainless steel burner, this Zodi shower provides endless hot water in just seconds. Includes a rugged plastic case that doubles as a 4 gallon water container. The powerful water pump delivers great water pressure (requires 4 "D" cell batteries). The Hot Tap is ideal for family camping.
Price: $179.95
Zodi Hot Tap HP Shower #6125 Zodi HOT TAP HP (Hard Case, Piezo Ignition) Double Burner
Packed with performance, this self contained High Performance double burner portable hot shower system heats unlimited water on demand. Includes matchless push button ignition for extra convenience and our 4 gallon multi purpose case for ultimate portability. Our best on-demand instant / hot shower ever! A BEST SELLER
Price: $269.95
ZodiZipShopSite.JPG Zodi Zip Travel Shower (w/ nylon storage bag)
The ZIP Instant Hot Shower is great for family camping providing endless hot water for showers, cleanup, dishes, ect. Self-contained for use anytime, anywhere! Just add 4 D-cell batteries to the battery pack, twist on a 16.4 oz propane cylinder and the ZIP Hot Shower is ready for hours of use. The Zip is a complete system including a rugged propane base with stabilizing legs as well as a convenient nylon storage bag for transport. A great value at a great price. (Propane tank and 4 D-cell batteries not included.)
Price: $129.95